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Innovative Test Systems, Inc.

Non-NDT Related Systems

Because we offer "turn-key" ultrasonic inspection systems, we must incorporate many areas of machine design and engineering such as controls, material handling, hydraulics and pneumatics, kinematics, and fluid dynamics among others. Utilizing our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we provide a wide variety of solutions and products. Some are shown below


                    HIGH PRESSURE PIPE WASHER

The pipe washer was designed to clean rust, dirt, and scale off of pipe and casing as well as grease off of threads on drill pipe prior to inspection. The system operates at 7000 psi and 8 GPM. A nozzle mounted on a gantry traverses the outside of the pipe, which is spinning. A second nozzle uses the water pressure to pull itself through the inside of the pipe. A pair of handguns, one on each end, can be used for touch up work.  Design work included the entire mechanical system, control panel as well as the pump skid. Also the foundation, which included not only mounting but also a series of pits that allowed decanting of water off of surface for further treatment and provisions for a front end loader to scoop out the solids which is taken to a treatment facility for processing.

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PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers)

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Most of our systems require some degree of machine control from simple sequencing and status checking to complete automated operation. We are able to offer design, programming, and installation of machine control systems, such as this PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) industrial machine control system.


PLC and VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)


Motion Controller and Step/Servo Motor Drivers

Conveyor Systems

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We have designed and installed a number of conveyor systems. These run from standard transfer conveyors as shown in the upper photo to specialized conveyors such as this short and highly reinforced conveyor designed to fit flush in the floor and able to withstand the weight of a forklift as shown in the lower photo.

Pneumatic Hammer


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The Pneumatic Hammer was a solution for a customer who needed a compact yet powerful device to remove 3" diameter tapered plugs from heat exchanger tubes. This air powered slide hammer was the result. Using a patented system to allow the hammer to run off any compressor of 100 psig, regardless of air flow capacity, the hammer provided more than adequate energy necessary to remove all the plugs (650) under budget and ahead of schedule. Other uses being investigated are as a portable bearing and coupling remover. Small hand sized versions for use in body shops is another area of possible use. Patent #5,210,918 was awarded in 1994.

Alcohol/Water Flare


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The alcohol/water flare was designed for a customer who was in the process of scrapping a deactivated chemical plant. Part of the process used ethanol, methanol, and isopropanol. During the 5 years that the plant was abandoned, the alcohol, being hygroscopic, had absorbed enough rain and moisture to reach a 65% alcohol/35% water mixture. I.T.S. designed and installed this simple flare to utilize the heat content of the alcohol to burn itself off and vaporize the water. There was 40,000+ gallons of the mixture to be burned. Flare burned approximately 1 gallon/minute. Propane is used to provide the initial heat and then is reduced to act as a pilot light.




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     This device was to fill a requirement of a customer who needed a system to align boxes on pallets and holds them in place while box was filled with product during high volume production. The boxes, weighing up to 1000 pounds when filled are then picked up with a forklift and stacked. The product was a dry pellet material, and if the box was not perfectly aligned with the pallet, the box and its contents would literally flow over the edge of the box. This prevented stacking of the boxes and pallets and used up valuable warehouse floor space.


      With this system, customer was able to load the boxes and be assured that boxes and pallets were aligned, allowing him to stack the pallets three high. Customer installed three of the systems. The pneumatic control system automatically straightened the pallet and box combination with misalignment of up to 30 degrees of the box and/or pallet with respect to the machine and to each other. The front flap flips up to capture and align the pallet and box and then flips down out of the way to allow the forklift to pick up the two.