Innovative Test Systems, Inc.

Small Sized Ultrasonic Immersion Tanks


 These tanks can generally be relocated by hand (when empty) or placed on hand carts. They can run the gamut from totally manual for use in research to fully automated c-scan tanks.

Small C-scan Immersion Tank

This small tank is full featured with 3 motor driven axis (X,Z,A) and manually adjustable about two additional axes (Y,C). The rotation axis (A) can be replaced with a table giving it motorized Y axis motion. It used off the shelf C-Scan software from a major supplier of NDT software. Any two of the motorized axes can be used to produce the C-scan image. The motors can be operated either by virtual buttons on the computer screen or by manual over-ride for ease in calibration. The tank can fit on two hand car hand carts, one for the tank and one for the computer and data system. Two quick connect cables and the transducer cable connect the teo carts together and a single GFCI protected extension cord (120VAC) powers the entire system. The tank also includes an integral pump and filter with a replaceable cartridge.


                              Research Immersion Tank                                                                          

This small tank was built for internal research and development (shown here set up on an automotive airbag canister). It is used to help develop test procedures and to determine beforehand if a particular customer's part can be inspected in an immersion system and how it might be done. From there, a specific proposal can be tailored exactly to the customer's needs. This insures that the delivered system will perform as desired and that the customer will not be paying for more than he needs. During the early stages of a proposal, the tank can also be brought to the customer's facility to demonstrate the ability to inspect their part.

Send us an example of your parts and we can show you how to add inexpensive inspection, whether in a R&D environment or full production setting.