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Large Ultrasonic Immersion Tanks


Innovative Test Systems has a wide range of Immersion Tank Systems that range from completely manual table top units to 75 foot long completely automatic systems. Like all of our systems, on the hardware side, we use ultrasonic instrumentation from well know manufacturers. On the software side, we can write our own control system software to tailor the system to a customerís desire or needs or in the case of C-scan data systems, use the control software that comes with it.

75 Foot Long Dual Cart Immersion Tank Scanner

Title: Large Ultrasonic Immersion Tank, Operator's Side - Description: Dual Bridge, 75 Foot Long Ultrasonic Immersion Tank for inspecting aluminum extrusions.Title: Large Immersion Tank - Description: Dual Bridge, 75 Foot Long Ultrasonic Immersion Tank for inspecting aluminum extrusions.

This tank was installed at a customer that makes aluminum extrusions. Customer needed the capability of inspecting both very long (70+ feet) and shorter varied shapes. Each carriage can be run independently. Each carriage can be run in either manual, semi-automatic, or full automatic. Straight parts can be programmed by driving probe to start point, the end point and then entering the amount of index. The machine also has a teach mode where it will automatically find points along the edge of curved or crooked parts and create a scan plan.

During manual, scan plan generation, or defect review mode, the operator rides on platforms attached to the bridges. Defect alarm positions are stored and machine will return to those positions and enter manual mode so operator can examine the defect using handles for X and Y motion. The operator can chose to review the defects any time during a scan or after a fully automatic scan has completed.

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Heavy Duty Immersion Tank Scanner



Title: Heavy Duty Ultrasonic Immersion Tank, Overall - Description: Ultrasonic Immersion Tank for the inspection of heavy (25,000 pound) multi-diameter parts.

Innovative Test Systems recently installed this Large Immersion Tank Scanner . The system is modular in design, consisting of the scanner, the tank, and the part handling system. The tank is designed with a floor capable of handling up to 25,000 pound distributed loads. An array of threaded studs provides attachment for different part handling systems. The tank shown is 214"L x 56"W x 38"D.

The Ultrasonics consist of a variety of off-the-shelf single channel instruments from the major ultrasonic instrument manufacturers as well as their software.

Control is through a hand held pendant with keypad and LCD alpha-numeric display offering both manual control and a teach mode with linear interpolation between a series of points.

The system is shown with an optional instrument tray that moves independently of the bridge. This allows the UT instrument to be positioned anywhere along the length of the bridge for easy setup and calibration and then have access to the instrument controls when scanning.

  Title: Ultrasonic Immersion Tank, Vertical Tube Breakaway, Latched††Title: Ultrasonic Immersion Tank, Vertical Tube Breakaway, Released
The two views above show the vertical tube detent assembly in the test and break-away positions. When detent breaks open, a limit switch also shuts down the system, preventing damage to transducer. Vertical tube can break away in both directions (scan direction).