Innovative Test Systems, Inc.

DSAW Pipe Scanning System

The Double Submerged Arc Weld (DSAW) scanning system from Innovative Test Systems carries on the tradition of simple, easy to use and rugged systems. Utilizing a unique weld tracking scheme and a simple joystick control, the operator can easily perform a full day of scanning without any fatigue and obtain accurate and repeatable results.

The scanning head employs 8 transducers, 3 on either side of the weld for "zoned" longitudinal defect scanning and two over the top of the weld for transverse defect scanning. These 2 transducers provide a much more sensitive and reliable scan than "pitch/catch" methods.

During the scan, the operator uses the joystick to control the speed and direction of the scanner. A button lowers the scanner onto the weld. The head is indexed to the weld by a set of tracking wheels, insuring that the transducers perform an accurate scan. I.T.S.'s unique "floating head" allows the scanner to follow deviations in weld and pipe straightness.

As the head approaches the end of the pipe, sensors lock the vertical position automatically to allow each transducer to scan off the end of the pipe, giving 100% inspection of the weld. As the final transducer leaves the pipe, the head is released and automatically raises.

Should an alarm sound, the operator, using the precise control of the joystick, can move the head back and forth to "peak up" on the indication. This allows for more accurate detection and fewer false prove ups.

Other features include quick transducer changeover. Coarse and fine adjustments for transducer position and rotation allow for easy and precise calibration.