Innovative Test Systems, Inc.




        This system is designed to be placed quickly into an existing pipe production line. It consistes of two components, the inspection machine and the electronics cabinet. The machine has the calibration stand already build it in. During testing, the calibration stand is stored beneath the pipe under a stainless sheild. For calibration, both the head and the calibration stand extend into the aisle. The photos show the unit in testing position and calibration position (note, there is no calibation standard shown between the clamping cones)

      The electrical junction box containing PLC and power connections is also part of the machine. It can be located on the machine where best suited for the installation.














The electronics cabinet houses the ultrasonic instrumentation and the operator machine interface. It is air-conditioned. Two conduits connect to the machine, one to carry the transducer cables and the second carries power and PLC communication cable. A cicuit breaker on the cabinet controls power for both the machine and the cabinet.
















The head can track +/- 15 degrees of weld wander. Buttons on the head allow the operator to make  the adjustements while standing over the pipe and use a laser pointer to position the weld. This position is stored so that head returns to the same position when machine is put back into test mode.














  Machine is very close to plug-and-play.