Innovative Test Systems, Inc.


Rotating Head ERW Scanners

These line of machines were designed to be used either online or offline where large angular defelctions of the weld my occur. They can mechanically track the weld over a range of +/- 90 degrees from top dead center. Different head tytpes can also be attached to these. The photo below show the system with involute transducers


Also visible in this photo to the left are the telescoping stand for the paint sprayer encoder beneath the pipe and the calibration stand located alongside the machine.







Here the system can be seen on 4 diameter pipe.











Also available are Jacking Legs that allow changing the centerline height of the machine.












The system can be ordered with a variety of heads. The systems above use involute transducers. In this photo, our crab-type head using either standard wedges or bubbler transducers is installed.